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A Three-day Tour in Tai’an


A Three-day Tour in Tai’an, Welcome!

Tai’an, one of the first tourism city of China as well as a national historical and cultural city, has deep contents of history and culture and rich nature and tourism resources. It has a good reputation of tourism. Recently, Tai’an communist party committee and municipal government pay more attention to tourism development, as the implement of key projects, a batch of big scale, high quality, strong attraction quality tourism projects are opened and “to attract people, retain people” became special items. New attractions, a large project, make Tai’an tourism more radiant, and Tai’an now display a more young enthusiastic features in front of the world.

In order to integrate scenic areas, attractions optimization, extension development tourism industry chain, Tai’an City launched “Mountain Tai of China , Peace for the world ”—a  three day tour products. On May 2, 2013, the three-day product started. The three-day tour is both the trend of the times and  the choices of people. In recent years, Tai’an City takes the tourism a leading role, making tourism scenic area diverse, tourism elements perfect  and tourism service facilities optimized. All of these measures lay a good foundation to the adjustment of tourism products. Now, tourism of  Tai’an is in a stage of a big tourism, a big industry and a big integration. To spin tourism industry chain, prolong the days of visitors and increase tourism comprehensive income, we should play the leading role of some hot  scenic spots such as Mountain tai and improve the transformation  from “tourism city” to “city tour”. Therefore, Tai’an city taking the  “warm winter tour” as a test, starts with the “three-day tour” as the main line product structure adjustment.

For a long time, Tai’an tourism are suffering from the “hot summer and cold winter” awkward situation. In the winter of 2012, Tai’an conducting  on the rich winter tourism resources, tied the main scenic spots and accommodation and catering for marketing, which formed a “heating Baotuan” for  16 kinds of  two-day tour, 10 kinds of three-day tour and  6 kinds of four-day tour.  This “Warmer Winter” strategy was an  engine of the off-season Tai’an and formed elements integrated mechanism of Tai’an tourism industry.

As the “Warm winter” tour packages launched, Tai’an winter tourism products entered the domestic large travel agency sales platform. From 31,December of 2012, more and more tour teams came to Tai’an, which  broke the ice and changed the situation of “hot summer and cold winter”.

The successfully running of “warm winter tour” let the participating units see the real benefits and get the recognition of leaders and society, which lay the material foundation and basis of public opinion  for improving the three- day tour. At the second meeting of the sixteenth Tai’an People's Congress (NPC), the measures listed in the “government work report”: carry the travel package, integrate series Tai’an tourism projects and ‘accommodation, catering, traveling, touring, entertainment and shopping’ and to promote the city’s tourism resources of the overall power.

To adapt to the “leisure era”, “mass tourism” diversified consumer demand and the situation of Tai’an tourism industry transformation and upgrading, this year, Tai’an city effectively integrate tour resources, mobilizing resources throughout the whole city to make three days tour product system. Now “Mountain Tai of ChinaPeace for the world” has formed a brand. Laying on  the bases of  new developed tourism projects, the three-day tour become the main pillar, which integrated the whole tour projects and the elements of “accommodation, catering, traveling, touring, entertainment and shopping” , settling the problems of “keeping people”.

 The product of the three-day tour—“Mountain Tai of China , Peace for the world” symbolizes Tai’an fully coming  to  a “mountain-city era”. Tai’an tourism has transformed from  reliance on Mountain Tai to Mountain-based linkages, from the making scenic spots areas and spots to  travel destination and from the “tourism city” to “city touring”.  So this product formulates the overall tourism elements of the city, forming a high quality and competitive tour products, realizing the comprehensive benefit maximization and improving the capability  of  “attracting  people, keeping people”.

According to different levels and kings of travel demands, Tai’an  now lists 24 kinds of tourism products, which are specialized, competitive. Travelers in Tai’an can climb mountain, watch the grand worship of the heaven and earth about mountain, take hot spring, bathe in salt bath, have fun in the Fantawild and tour the water margin……you will choose one of them to your favorite!

The price listed in the product of three-day tour  contains the first gate tickets and related restaurants, two nights hotel accommodation fees (Y50 per night). Agencies who buy the three-day tour products take  travel groups to the designated hotel,  will fill the differences when the accommodation fee is higher than the basic accommodation.

Three days tour packages have been launched on May 2, 2013It is a magnetic card, a tourist team (more than 10 people) only need to buy a card within 5days effective. (The sold card  will not be allowed to return only you have reasons and are permitted.

In the name of magnetic card and team list issued by the three-day tour leading group office, travel agencies could enter scenic spots, check in hotel.  Tour guide rely on this could go to scenic areas and attractions for  free.

The Tai’an three-day tour leading group office is set in Tai’an Tourist Administration, who is responsible for printing card, operating the three-day product, coordinating with travel agencies, scenic spots, hotels and restaurants. Local travel agencies could buy products card with the fax conformation and the ecdemic  ones cold entrust local travel agencies. Only the team has more than 10 people the card  can be  bought.

“The friendly people of Taishan will ensure you have a satisfactory stay in Tai’an”  .The beautiful natural scenery, profound history and culture, rich folk customs and  colorful tours…… The people of Tai’an welcome you with open arms and invite you to come and experience the profound Taishan