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Taishan chestnut


Taishan chestnut is mainly grown in areas of Mt. Tai and Culai mountain. Taishan chestnut is characterized by its regular size, thin skin, shiny appearance and sweet taste. It has a history of more than 500 years, and was chosen as tribute to the court. It has enjoyed its fame since the period of the Republic of China, and nowadays it is made into various foods that are popular among people.

Taishan chestnut is rich in nutrition, which contains starch, sugar, protein, fat, vitamins, fatty acid, enzyme, etc. It can not only be made into food, but also has medicinal functions in that it is good for the liver, stomach, etc. Chestnuts are often fried with sugar and eaten as snacks. In Tai’an, there is a growing area of 320,000 mu and yielding area of 240,000 mu with a yearly yield of more than 40 million kilos. Taishan chestnut is sold both at home and abroad, and serves as good gift for friends and relatives.