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Taishan Hemp


China is a country with the longest history of planting Chinese hemp, an annual herb. With a planting history of more than 8,000 years, it was first planted in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River of China, the central plain areas. Nearly all parts of the hemp are useful. Nowadays hemps are used in many areas. With the introduction of science and technology, hemps are now gradually being used in industries like medicine, chemistry, construction, tourism, etc. apart from its traditional industry of textile.

For example, towels and bath towels made of Taishan hemp are natural fiber which is better at absorbing water, inhibiting bacteria and deodorization. Such towels feel soft and tender and are good for household purposes. Besides, they can also be dyed into different colors and printed with different patterns. Some of them are sold to foreign countries like German and are ideal for sunbathing uses.

Reasons for recommendation: Taishan hemp products are low-carbon, environmental with delicate processing techniques. They are healthy and practical and are popular in the markets both at home and abroad.

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