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Cell Phone Straps


Mt. Tai is a symbol of peace in the Chinese culture. Pingping and An’an (both meaning peace), two Lingzhi (ganoderma) Fuwa, have been developed as the tourism mascots of Tai’an. They reflect the cultural essence of Mt. Tai and become popular among tourists.

Pinging and An’an, cute and lovely in appearance, carry the blessing from Mt. Tai, and they are holding Lingzhi (ganoderma), which is a symbol of longevity, in their hands.  The cell phone straps,based on the images of the two cute Pingping and An’an, are popular among tourists. Besides, there are also cell phone chains with images of Bixia Yuanjun (Primordial Lady of Emerald Clouds) and Shigandang.

Therefore to bring a cell phone strap home is to bring peace home.

Reasons for Recommendation:

The cute cell phone chains, carrying the best wishes of Pingping and An’an, are accompanying you on your way back home. Keep them with you, and peace will be with you all your life.