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Ningyang Jujube Wood Products


The materials of these series of products are the jujube wood from Shentong Hill in Ningyang, Shandong. Such kind of wood is feature by its stiff nature, fine texture, and smooth cutting surface, presenting a sense of being quiet and peaceful.

1. Ruyi (scepter)made of jujube wood is a traditional handicraft which has a long history in China. The patterns of ruyi are usually based on historical events, while one end of it is usually in a shape of auspicious clouds. There have developed various carving techniques, which make ruyi true to nature, vivid in shape and exquisite in worksmanship. Jujube wood ruyi as a traditional handicraft serves as a perfect gift for friends and relatives.

2. Pen-holder made out of jujube wood preserves the nature of the jujube wood because no paint is done on its surface. Therefore such a pen holder is natural and elegant. There are usually nice dragons that are carved on the pen-holder. Jujube wood is still in nature. Therefore such a pen-holder is durable, and it is good for collection.

3. Mazha (folding stool) is completely made by hand by using the inner part of the jujube wood. It has a smooth surface and preserves the original color. Besides, it does not undergo chemical process, so it is natural and good for health. It is durable and portable, and is best used for fishing, and served as gift for exchange.

4. Jujube wood seal is made by using the find jujube wood of Shentong Hill. It is usually exquisitely shaped and delicately made with regular colors and smooth surface. The patterns in it are vivid and usually include such symbols of longevity as dragon, phoenix, crane, etc. Considered as a form of art, it is not only a symbol of longevity but also a sign of friendship.

5. Paperweight made of jujube wood is elegant with classic simplicity. It can serve as an object of decoration in a room, and also a necessity at desk. Besides, as jujube wood is more resistant to worms, the paperweight is less likely to be eaten by woodworms and therefore is popular among many people.

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