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Dawenkou Potteries


Dawenkou, at the foot of the world famous Mt. Tai, is one of the birthplaces of the ancient Chinese civilization. In the ancient tombs of the later period of the Dawenkou culture (about 6,000 years ago), there have been discovered burials of women with their husbands or with their babies, which marks an end of a matriarchal society and a beginning of a patriarchal one.

Potteries were first discovered in the tombs of Dawenkou. The unearthed potteries are regularly shaped with relatively few designs, most of which were made by hand. Those potteries created in the later period were rather exquisite. Typical pottery articles include pots, cups, etc. The ornamental art of pottery is mostly reflected in painting, carving, pressing, and line-adorning. The early designs on the potteries were usually of rough and irregular lines, while the later ones were regular and elegant and were usually of geometrical shapes. Early potteries were mostly red ones, while in the middle period, there was an increase of gray ones, and in the late period there appeared white ones, though most of them were gray potteries.

The charm of the pottery in Dawenkou lies not only in its long history, but also in the fact that it represents the advance of the world civilization.

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