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Taishan Jade


Taishan jade is produced in mountain foot of tai’an city, shandong province. The stone is a serpentine jade, dense block, quality of a material is exquisite moist; Color is given priority to with green, green, dark green, black and other color, stone contain black yellow spots; Translucent to transparent, grease, wax-like luster, hardness of 5.8 degrees or so. The varieties are: taishan jasper, mount tai mo, taishan green spot jade. Taishan jade development earlier, the pre-qin period has been famous, is carved handicraft of the Material.

According to the shanhaijing records: “There are jades on Mountain Tai. Running water lingers in to the east river with much water jade”. Before Qin and Han dynasties, Mount tai is famous for its jade. Till the modern age in the biography of Five Mountains of China,people said: Within 44 kilometers, there are lucid ganoderma and beautiful jade.” Mountain Tai symbolizes the boom foundation, the propensity career and happy family, Emperors of all dynasties came to sacrifice and worship Mountain Tai. Taishan stone is famous before Qin and Han dynasties for its holiness and essence. Taishan jade culture was researched and collected by people.

Appreciation place: taishan four generic development co., LTD.,Tai’an City (Fan Guzhuang village, Dajin Kou town, Mount Tai scenic spot. 0538-8998097)