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Four generic versions of Tai’an


Majestic Mountain Tai, the landform of ups and downs, hundreds of kilometers, with its unique geographical environment and climate conditions grows out of thousands of rare medicinal materials. Especially, four generic versions (fleece-flower root, lance asiabell root, radix arnebiae seu lithospermi, huang jing) are the most influential and well-known both at home and abroad. Set the essence of heaven and earth, the spirit of mount tai, they are not only the medical world of medicine, but also keep in good health of the product.

Taishan fleece-flower root According to ancient records: taishan fleece-flower root used in tang dynasty, flourished in the morning, in use today. Suitable for lumbar debility, insomnia forgetful, impotence spermatorrhea, weigh, white hair, etc. The kidney and nourishing essence is the natural filling, and the liver, god ease puzzle of medicine, has been regarded as treasures of age keep fit through the ages.

Taishan lance asiabell root contains a variety of vitamins, saponins, ketone, oleanolic acid and 50 kinds of volatile oil. Mainly by the root medicine, with Yin runfei, benefit stomach fluid, and other functions. To eliminate fatigue, increases oxygen air compensating effect is obvious. According to the modern medical study, the flavonoid compounds with detoxification. The pharmacological research analysis also has significant inhibiting tumor cell growth and inhibits the hammer throw, flu bacilli and smooths wheezing, cough, and so on.

Taishan radix arnebiae seu lithospermi According to "drug" mount tai: this product made in mount taishan, strong color, work ten times bigger. Road flyover MingXuan yue: taishan radix arnebiae seu lithospermi, spark into the boiling water, fresh color, such as magenta. Its taste bitter, cold, with huoxue, cold blood, qingrejiedu, diuresis, anti-inflammatory sterilization effect and so on. Attending the blood hot poison sheng, rash and jaundice, erysipelas, wet close stool, etc. Treatment of gynecological diseases in recent years, such as hepatitis, liver cancer received a significant effect. Radix arnebiae seu lithospermi external use to treat burns burns, frostbite, and herpes zoster disease. Folk with lithospermum bubble medicine, bright red color, is very attractive, drink, relaxing tendons, physical fitness, beauty to raise colour, women drink better.

Mount tai wong Mount tai huang jing mainly contain polysaccharide, oligosaccharides, rhizoma polygonati, saponins, amino acids, flavonoids and trace elements, etc. Sexual flavour GanPing, with runfei ziyin, which filled in beneficial gas, kidney essence and anti-aging, can enhance human immunity, fall blood sugar, blood lipid, and anti-bacterial anti-viral effect and so on. It mainly used for clinical treatment of diabetes, low blood pressure, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, leukopenia and HIV/AIDS, etc. As the centralizer I care dietotherapy traditional Chinese medicine has a long history.  Location: Tai’an City taishan four generic development co., LTD. Address: taishan scenic spot dajin mouth township Fan Guzhuang village phone: 0538-8998097