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Taishan daughter tea


Taishan daughter tea got its name because of the ancient emperors’ worships to Mountain Tai. According to the legend, local beautiful girls of Tai’an were found to take teas in hidden mountain and then they made the teas with springs and warmed by the bodies. Taishan daughter tea gardens locate at the beautiful scenery of Mount Tai scenic spot, where the air is moist, soil is fertile, the ecological environment is superior. The fresh leaves from the endoplasmic reticulum are extremely outstanding and high nutrient content. Teas produced here are rich in potassium, sodium, zinc, iron, manganese and other trace elements, which are the excellent material in the manufacture of the famous tea. Tea plantation base choose national tea tree seeds, according to the standard of pollution-free tea plantation soil preparation, planting, management, and in 2007 by the national standardization management committee awarded “national taishan pollution-free tea cultivation and processing standardization demonstration zone”.

Taishan daughter tea takes on graceful appearance, which leaves always sink on the bottom of the cup, the color changes from deep green to the lighter green, just like a dancing beautiful girl which make you full of poetic and artistic conception. Taishan daughter tea is clear and bright, green and tender, fresh  and pure, when you have a refreshing drink, you will find its fragrant and sweet, therefore, this tea is known as “tea of the Chinese chestnut”.

Honors: 2000, silver of the second international famous tea; 2001, the second of the fourth “Chinese tea cup”-national famous tea competition; 2003-2006, “pollution-free agricultural products” by the national quality inspection and quarantine; 2007, golden prize of the world first conference on green tea and international forestry exposition.

Taishan daughter tea has more than thirteen kinds of products systems: tribute, mingqian, yuqian, zhenpin, super, primary, secondary, tertiary and so on. The daughter tea, packaging unique with Taishan cultural characteristics, which is deeply loved by consumers, has become one of the most tourist commodities with the flavor of the Mount Tai.

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