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Paper-cut, also called paper cutting, is China's Han ethnic group, one of the oldest folk art, paper-cut art is the Han nationality traditional folk craft, it has a long history, enduring, are gems of Chinese folk art, has become one of the world art treasure house collection.

Tai’an paper cutting is a traditional folk art in Tai’an area, all in the day of the Spring Festival or other festivals, used to decorate Windows, walls, ceiling, lanterns, cylinder, paper, etc. Past paper-cut author except a few are folk artists, mostly rural women, theme for the auspicious thing in the world or the god’s idols, have full-bodied local color. After the founding of new China, paper-cut art breaks through the category of physical decoration, developed into an independent art, paper-cut art workers often deal with the subject matter of taishan grand and magnificent scenery, or to create a single work, or writing literature illustrations, comic books, calligraphy and painting book, or making a slide show, stage art, etc., to create a large number of unique style of taishan paper-cut works of art.

Appreciate where: scenic spot, 15866010415, Tai’an City sun tribe