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Shuihu(Water Margin) Feast


The Shuihu feast, based on the story in the novel of Shuihu, is cooked by the chef Meng zhaoyi by using the specialty of Dongping lake as the ingredients. It is adapted from the cooking of Shandong Food and is characterized by freshness, tenderness, delicacy and crispness with saltiness as the main flavor.

Dongping lake is the only existing body of water of all those that are mentioned in the novel of Shuihu. The waters in Dongping lake are fertile, unpolluted and productive in resources. There are fish, lobsters, crabs, water chestnut, lotus growing in the lake, which are made into various foods and are served on the dining table. Shuihu feast is cooked by the great chef Meng with his masterful cooking skills by using these materials and the local green vegetables as the ingredients.

Shandong cuisine is one of the eight cuisines in China. There are as many as more than 30 cooking skills, such as braising, sautéing, etc. Dongping feast, which is based on the story happening in the novel of Shuihu, is made by adapting these skills.

Reasons for Recommendation: There are altogether 108 courses of dish, representing the 108 figures in the novel of Shuihu. Diners could personally experience the atmosphere of Shuihu by indulging themselves in such a feast.