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Lǘyou Huoshao (Baked Cake with Donkey Grease)


Lǘyou huoshao (Baked cake with donkey grease), according to historical records, was originated in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC to 24 AD), which was a prosperous dynasty in the history of China, and when folk people had developed various foods made of flour.

It is said that Emperor Wudi (156 BC to 87 BC)lived in the ancient city of Fenggao during his eastern tour to Mt. Tai. Once for his meal, he was served with a specially baked cake by the local official. This kind of cake was baked with local donkey grease, was only eaten by local people when they celebrated harvest. Covered with sesame, it smelt nice and was tender inside with crispy crust. Emperor Wudi enjoyed it so much that it gradually became well known all over China. It was even taken outside China to foreign countries by the ancient traders.

   Today there has developed a special baking oven and recipe for making lǘyou huoshao. It has become a famous snack of Taishan.

Reasons for recommendation:

Lǘyou huoshao tastes tender inside while crispy outside. There are sweet flavor and salty flavor.