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Sautéed Turtle in Flames


Sautéed turtle in flames is a nutritious dish beneficial to both males and females. The fresh turtle meat, the main ingredient, is sautéed in flames with different seasonings. This dish is both nutritious and healthy.

Turtle meat combines the flavors of chicken, deer, beef, mutton and pork. It is not only delicious in taste, but also high in protein and low in fat. Besides, it contains vitamins and trace elements of various kinds. Therefore the dish can strengthen the body, enhance the resistance against diseases, and improve the immunity and intelligence of babies. The dish makes a perfect flavor as it uses the turtle meat in Dongping Lake and hen meat as the main ingredients.

To eat sautéed turtle in flames also gives the opportunity of watching the chef cook the dish. To cook it, the chef puts the turtle meat in the pot. Flames immediately come up after the chef drop some liquor in the pot. As the chef continues to sautée the turtle meat, the flames gradually become weaker and weaker. Before it is served, the stewed chicken is put in it so that it incorporates the flavors of both the liquor and the chicken.


Reasons for Recommendation:

The dish is both nutritious and tasty. One can also have the opportunity of visual spoils watching the flames.


Recommended Restaurants:

1. Jinshan Restaurant

       Address: Middle of Taishan Street

Telephone: +86-538-8333555

Open hours: 09:00-23:00

2. Jiazhongjia Restaurant Daidao’an Branch

       Address: Daidao’an Road

       Telephone: +86-538-8889595

3. Xiaodifang Restaurant

       Address: Middle of Daidao’an Road

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