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Taoist Feast


Taoism is the foundation of the Chinese culture, and its ideas and concepts are deeply rooted in China.  The Taoist philosophy of  lifestyle,  which has a long history in China,  stresses a lot on the harmony between man and nature.  Therefore it has developed its unique diet based on a combination of different schools by using vegetarian food. The Taoist diet is beneficial for health and longevity.

The Taoist feast,  consumed by emperors in history before they went to worship Mt. Tai, embraces the early Chinese culture of people’s worship for nature. After thousands of years of development, it has become well recognized among Chinese foods, adding its flavor to the Chinese culture.

The vegetarian diet is a tradition as well as a culture. It is nice to taste and good for health, especially after heavy consumptions of liquor and meat. Therefore it was an indispensable part in the imperial food at Mt. Tai.

The Taoist vegetarian food is featured by its vivid shapes and simple but fresh taste. Diners may understand how ancient emperors worshipped nature even when they put their chopsticks at the food. However, they cannot resist its flavor just as they want to indulge in the rich cultures reflected in the food. Emperor Qianlong (1711-1799) of the Qing Dynasty once commented that it could even compare to such rare delicacies as deer breast and bear paws.

The cooking of the Taoist foods, based on the philosophy of Taoism,  is featured by its preservation of the original flavors, colors and nature of the ingredients. A typical dish is “Stewed Chicken with Gingko”, which has a simple but fresh flavor, and is good for health.


Reasons for Recommendation:

The Taishan Taoist feast, which inherits the philosophy of the Taoist lifestyle, has developed its own feature. There is the main food made out of grains, complemented with meat, fruit and vegetables. It seeks for a balance of different flavors and nutrients, emphasizes the principle of a healthy diet.  It also encourages people to diet, which advocates against eating too full on the one hand, and overeating of meat on the other. Currently the Taoist diet philosophy has become the guiding principles for people’s healthy life styles, and also sheds light on modern science.


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