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Shuzhuang Hot-Pot


Beef of the best quality, fresh hand-cut mutton, wide vermicelli, crowndaisy, tahini…… Several plates of meat and vegetables are waiting for being put into the boiling hot pot which is giving off fragrant smell. Everyone is in full swing after enjoying such an elaborate meal.

Hot-pot, characterized by its spicy and hot taste, attracts people a lot. Actually, it is not only a good food but a representative of food culture. It offers people pleasure in the process of eating. During the process, everyone, regardless of sex, age and identity, sits around the hot pot, chatting and eating in a harmonious atmosphere. It fits best into the theme of traditional Chinese culture—unity.

Shuzhuang hot-pot preserves much of the characteristics of Sichuan food. It could be considered to be either a delicacy, or a cooking method, or an essential element of food culture. Its cooking process is exquisite: use quality materials that are fresh and meet certain requirements so that diners feel an enormous and endless joy as the same as they have after enjoying a great musical composition.

Shuzhuang hot-pot, according to Tai’an residents’ diet habit, dining style and physical condition, adapts its taste after a careful study and forms a unique style. Besides, elaborate Sichuang specialties, local stir-fried dishes and flavor snacks are offered to you by following Sichuan characteristics.

Reasons for recommendation:

The fragrant smell resonates with you throughout the cold days of autumn and winter. It gives you a chance to be in full swing and fight against the cold air. In summer days, it belongs to an exciting challenge which has the function of dispelling cold, strengthening body, losing weight and keeping beauty.

Recommended restaurant: Shuzhuang Hot-Pot Restaurant (Tai’an branch)

Address: No. 246, Daizong Street

Tel: 0538-6295666, 8262888