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“Eight-Treasure” Soup


“Eight-Treasure” soup is a famous Tai’an local flavor dish, with all of its ingredients from the local place.

Before the 1950s, every year on the 13th of the eighth lunar month, all the chefs around Tai’an would gather at Laojun Hall to west of Wangmuchi of Mt. Tai. There were also opera performances for three days. The gathering was presided over by a prestigious chef. Once during the gathering, a chef cooked a soup with eight of the local delicacies as the ingredients. It was delicately cooked with braised minced chicken floating like clouds on the top of the soup. The eight types ingredients in the soup tasted tender and gave their unique flavors respectively. All the chefs present were amazed by the dish. Gradually it became popular in the central areas of Shandong province.

The dish is cooked with egg whites as the main ingredient. There are minced chicken, chilin(red-scale)fish, carrageen, cabbage, tofu, etc. in the soup. It gives a unique flavor and tender taste.

Reasons for recommendation: The dish is cooked with the carefully selected dried delicacies and mushrooms from Mt. Tai as the ingredients. It not only tastes nice but also is good for health.