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Three Beauties of Tai’an


Cabbage, tofu and taishan springs, has been hailed as “taian three beauties”. Taian Chinese cabbage taste delicious, then real big heart, quality fine without reinforcement; Taian tofu, fine pulp quality pure, delicate but not old, taste sweet, full of elasticity; Taishan springs, high oxygen clean, sweet and refreshing, less impurity. Cooked soup with taishan cabbage, tofu, water is called “Tarzan three beautiful soup”, white bean curd, vegetables leaf green, nori purple, soup is thick, is a delicious, the nutrition of food.

1. Taishan water quality test results show that water is mount tai low salinity, low sodium silicon more natural water, it is rich in rare element, weak acid, and mineral water, is very beneficial to human body health.

2. Taishan cabbage Chinese cabbage nutrition is rich, rich in protein, fat, vitamins (A, B, C, D), carbohydrates, and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. Chinese cabbage is rich in crude fiber, not only can play the role of runchang, promote detoxification and can stimulate peristalsis, promote the stool excretion, help digestion function. Has good effect to prevent colon cancer. Autumn and winter air is very dry, cold wind greatly to people's skin damage. Cabbage contains rich vitamin C, vitamin E, eat cabbage, can have very good skin care and beauty effect.

3. Taishan tofu Tofu and bean curd products rich in protein, and bean curd protein is a complete protein, not only contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids, and the proportion was close to the human body needs, high nutritional value; Tofu contains phytoestrogens, can protect vascular endothelial cells from oxidative damage, often feed can reduce the damage of cardiovascular system, prevent the happening of the osteoporosis, breast and prostate cancer, is the patron saint of menopause women; Rich in soybean lecithin are beneficial to the nerve, blood vessel, brain growth and development; Soy protein can properly reduce blood lipid, protect blood vessel cells, prevent cardiovascular disease; In addition, bean curd to disease after rehabilitation, weight loss, delicate skin is also very good.

Tofu is taian farmhouse dishes of the four seasons, and later as the emperors offering to taian taishan, successively built many temples, AnTang, vegetarian called jai increased, tofu has become the important dishes here, before the yuan dynasty, became mount tai and other parts of taian first-class dishes. Qianlong of the revised "taian county annals" did this account: “street street bangzi ring in the morning and evening family tofu, Thai city every DouFuFang”, reflects the TaiAnCheng tofu industry thriving scene at that time. Li bai in Tang Kaiyuan twenty-four years (736) by the hubei AnLiu after moved to jinan, and du fu away in shandong province, they have repeatedly on mount tai, and taste the flavor of the beauty of taian three dishes. YouTaiShan not to sammi, taishan didn't enjoy the scenery, this is the beauty praise on long-term circulating three dishes. "Three beauty tofu" has been spread so far, renowned Chinese and foreign.

Recommended reason: the cabbage taste delicious, intestines and stomach; Tofu pulp fine water more, quality, and the tender does not flow; Mount Tai high oxygen water clean, sweet and refreshing.


1. Tai’an Giant tripod ecological hotel (South of New No. 6 Middle School, Taishan district, Tai’an city. Telephone: 0538-5889999

2. Tai’an Xiang Xia Lao Jia flagship Restaurant (South-western of Kang Fu Road, Tai’an city. Telephone: 0538-8997117