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Sanmei Beancurd


The most unique local flavor in Tai’an is “Sanmei beancurd”, which was born by the worship to Mountain Tai among the emperors. The history was dated from Han dynasty, Emperor Wu was the first to use beancurd and then in Song dynasty beancurd became prosperous and in Qing Dynasty came to the top. It was said in the “biographic sketches of Gao Zong emperor”February,13 years of Qian Long dynasty—most of lists on dishes menu are beancurd. Why? Beancurd is pure as jade, nutritive. If it is not cooked, it tastes like fish; once it was cooked, it tastes like lamb; if it is boiled, it tastes like a feast; once it was salted, it tastes the top dish around the world. Beancurd banquets once were part of the worships of Mountain Tai. Because of its characteristics it was listed the intangible heritage by Tai’an government.

There are three beauties in Tai’an: cabbage, beancurd and water. According to beancurd banquet, beancurd is necessary. Since the city was built in Song Dynasty, beancurd industry in rural areas were developed, every morning the selling sound starts, every night the appetizing of beancurd is round in houses. All of this forms a characteristic of this city.

Its preparation usually consists of the following procedures: First the beancurd is steamed, and then sliced and boiled on a gentle flame with seasonings and vegetable slices. It is soft and tender in texture. “Red-scaled fish in clear soup” is a unique Tai’an dish, as the fish, which was an imperial tribute is only available in the waters of Tai’an. The best are found in Black Dragon Pool. In cooking, the fish is first scaled, then peppered and put into a seasoned soup. It is eaten with chopped ginger and vinegar as accompaniments, and tastes tender and delicious.

Recommended reasons: Beancurd tastes sweet as well as clearing heat, scattering blood clot, gentling spleen and stomach, eliminating swelling, clearing polluted air and loosening your stools. It is produced everywhere and both sides of Pan River are the best.

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Taste places:

1. Tai’an Giant tripod ecological hotel (South of New No. 6 Middle School, Taishan district, Tai’an city. Telephone: 0538-5889999

2. Tai’an Xiang Xia Lao Jia flagship Restaurant (South-western of Kang Fu Road, Tai’an city. Telephone: 0538-8997117