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Tai Shan Red Squama Fish


Taishan red herring, also known as Lilin fish, stone scale fish, shilin fish and the striped fish, is found in Mount Tai stream trickle. This kind of fish is a precious mountain freshwater fish, which are China treasures. The adult fish is no more than 20cm in length, it is fleshy delicate and delicious also can be used as medicine.

It was said that “the red squama fish will not come down to the mountain”, in natural condition, the adult fish is no longer than 20cm.no weightier than 100g. It was listed “five famous fish” with oil fish and bow fish in Erhai Sea in Yunnan Province, huang fish in Qinghai sea, shi fish in Fuchun Jiang among China. Though this fish is small, but it is shining and beautiful. Its body is partial, abdomen round, and small head, with moon mouth and pairs of beard. The color can be changes with environment or light or dark and active respond to outer voice. Once encounter a stimulation it will rapidly escape into the stone.

Red scale fish live in the mountain streams of a latitude of 270 ~ 800 meters above sea level, like eating of algae and zooplankton. Mount tai stream whose temperature is lower, is rich in algae, oxygen and low contents of minerals. All this make the red scale fish unique ecological environment, which was said to the red squama fish will not come down to the mountain”.

For one kind, this fish is kind of appreciation cause it can change with the environment. For the other, it can be made into nutritious products and medicine. In medical care, taishan red herring has the function of “brain powerful, wisdom, material, active, delay full, improving eyesight, hearing ears, strong teeth, curing the gangrene and dizziness”. It is also helpful for “women's womb and men’s dieresis”.

According to new research, taishan red scale fish contains potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, copper and so on more than 12 kinds of minerals as well as 18 kinds of essential amino acids and fatty acids of anti-aging and the prevention of heart disease. Today foreign tourists list it a happy thing to climb mount tai and taste taishan red scale fish.

The taishan red scale fish is kind of super fish only produced in tai shan, when cooked by the local cuisine chef, "diving in the red scale fish", “dry blast scale fish”, “green dragon lying snow”, “dragon and phoenix soup” can be tasted delicious. It also can be cooked into nearly 20 kinds of dishes well-known both at home and abroad.

It is not necessary to boil before oiled, adding pepper, Chinese prickly ash is ok. Either Fish or soup is delicious. Chinese and foreign tourists praised it super than sea cucumber and sleeve-fish. On the basis of clear poach, such as with Shirley paste and chopped chicken material, it can be cooked “green dragon lying snow”; Add color chicken pill, It can be cooked “dragon and phoenix soup”. All Chinese and foreign tourists are in admiration: only in Mountai Tai you can have a change to taste. Thus it is a great blessing when people eat this fish.

Recommended reasons: tender; fresh but not fishy; rare and delicious; nutritional

Places to taste:

1.Taishan Restaurant(No.35, Red Gate Road, Tai’an City  0538-6267777)

2.ShenQi  Restaurant(No.10, Heaven Street, Mountain Tai, Tain’an city