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Interim Measures for Taishan Friendship Selection


Article 1 For the recognition of foreign experts working in our city who have made outstanding contribution to the development of economic construction and various undertakings as well promoted foreign exchanges and cooperation, we formulated these measures according to the relevant provisions of the state, province and the reality of our city.

Article 2 Taishan Friendship is the highest honor that Tai’an city government made for foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to Tai’an economic construction and social development. Taishan friendship is combining moral encouragement with material reward, the principle is to give priority to moral encouragement. 

 Article 3 The scope of Taishan Friendship is for all kinds of foreign experts who were invited for agriculture, industry, scientific research, education, health, culture, finance, sports, press and publication, etc .They  should be friendly and no illegal and criminal record.

Article 4 The Taishan Friendship selections are held every two years. Each time the rewarded number is a third of the total number, no more than 10 people once. Foreign experts who get Taishan Friendship, no matter how much work in our city and no matter how long in Tai’an, they can not get the honor again..  

Article 5 the foreign experts working in Tai’an can apply for Taishan Friendship only he /she can has one of following conditions:

() People who actively introduce project, funds, new varieties, making outstanding contributions to modern agriculture, agricultural product  development, agricultural structure adjustment and the socialism new rural construction as well as making significant economic benefits for our city and the development of agriculture, rural areas;

(ⅱ) Actively to teach new technology,  new method, solving the key problems of production technology, management, etc, and making significant economic or social benefits;

(ⅲ) Making outstanding contributions to our city construction, completed and putting into production, operation and management;

(ⅳ) For our city enterprise technology progress, science and technology research important Suggestions, and achieved significant economic benefits;

(ⅴ) Positive to cultivate talents, donation instruments and equipment, books and materials, etc that are value for our city, making outstanding contributions in teaching, scientific research and other work;  

(ⅵ) making contributions to economy constructions, society career and other aspects.

Article 6 The Taishan honoring friendship selection adheres to the principle of seeking truth from facts. It is be serious and pragmatic, according to the following procedures:

  ()The units who invite foreign experts will apply for selection after the admission of experts himself/herself. Materials shall be true and admitted by related departments of belonged county, city or district, then checked by units and last apply for personnel department;

(ⅱ) The municipal personnel department review the application materials, if it is necessary they will organize relevant personnel to investigate;

(ⅲ) The Board of Examiners will review Taishan Friendship;

(ⅳ) The municipal personnel department will ask for opinions from public security, foreign affairs and Security Agency;

(ⅴ) The municipal personnel department will review the result and advice to the municipal government for research;

(ⅵ) The city government awarded with foreign experts Taishan Friendship and awarded honorary certificates.

Article 7 For Foreign experts who won the friendship of Taishan, the municipal government will hold the ceremony both centralized or decentralized according to the actual situation. Experts who can’t come to our city during the award ceremony can be rewarded when he/she comes to our city again or use other ways to hold the prize-giving ceremony.

Article 8 The Board of Taishan Friendship Examiners are organized by the principal and relevant experts from municipal personnel, foreign affairs, public security, finance, education, science and technology, economy and trade, foreign trade and economic cooperation, health, culture, sports, news and agriculture bureau. Component members of the Board of Taishan Friendship Examiners are submitted to the municipal government for approval according to actual selection.

Article 9 When making publicity we should first obtain the agreement of foreign expert, obeying the confidentiality provisions of the state, protecting the security and interests of foreign experts. For that can be published, it is necessary to get admission of the units inviting the experts and the agreement of foreign experts. Before it is pressed, publicity materials will be sent to review by the personnel department.

Article 10 Costs of the ceremony for Taishan Friendship selection will be accounted and allocated by municipal financial Bureau.

Article 11 The municipal government legislative affairs office and the municipal personnel department shall be responsible for the interpretation.

Article 12 These measures will come into force from the date of release.                                      




November 12th, 2009