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Opinions on Comprehensively Enhance the Level of Opening to the outside World by the Chinese Communist Party Committee of Tai’an and Municipal People’s Government of Tai’an


In order to revitalize and open Tai’an city, promote the process of economic globalization and realize the leap development of economy and society, we hereby put forward the following opinions:

First is to definite the aim of opening to the outside world.

1. Further enhance the sense of urgency to the opening to the outside. Opening to the outside world is a long-term basic state policy of our country. The opening to the outside world is an inevitable choice to Tai’an city’s modernization as well as the key to promote the city’s economic and social development. It is an open society nowadays and we will meet kinds of challenges and opportunities during the opening up to the outside world. As the deepening of the economic globalization, international industries is transformed from low-end manufacturing to service industry, research and development, the high-end manufacturing and high value-added industrial links; trade frictions are  intensified and the RMB is caught in the appreciation pressure. In-depth analysis of the advantages and practical problems of our city, we must depend on the level of opening to the outside world to promote quick boost and new crossing of the city’s economy, we must further strengthen the sense of urgency to the opening to the outside world and we must stress the sense of responsibility and pressure. With broad mind, global view and extraordinary measures, we must make waves of new round of opening to the outside world. We should supply a strong driving force to the development by reforms, innovations, and modulations.

2. Guiding ideologies under the new situation of opening to the outside world. In-depth implementation of the spirit of the18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we should adhere to the scientific development theme and transfer to create main line. We must take emancipating the mind as the leader, take developing economy as the center and take investment and projects building as the method to build international industrial park and innovate opening systems and mechanisms.

3The goal of the next five years. For five years, the city's actual utilization of foreign capital will reach $2.5 billion; the average annual growth of around 30%.We will strive for newly introduced more than 30 world 500 strong enterprises. The sum of import and export will be up to $18 billion, with the average of annual growth of 20%. By 2017, the year the actual use of foreign capital will be $800 million, with the total import and export over $5 billion. With our efforts, the city's level of the open economy has improved significantly; transformation and upgrading of economic structure will develop harmonious with the first, second and third industries. We will strive to build the city into a international tourism culture characteristic green wisdom city, the international trade logistics city and international health city.

Second is strategic to layout optimization of opening to the outside world

4. Take full roles to the development of opening up to the platform. To guide the development zone to speed up with international practice and improve industry, technology, capital, talent accumulation ability, etc. Highlight the development of strategic emerging industries, high technology industries, modern services, cultural creative industry and green industry, to push development zone to the internationalization, industrialization, modernization, characterization, and the brand and production integration of the city. To build the city's development zone into high-tech industrial cluster areas, scientific and technological innovation area, intensive and efficient sample area and international economic cooperation demonstration zone. Give full play to the commerce authorities at all levels of management function, guide the provincial economic development zone around the leading industry, building industry cluster, realize the dislocation development, and actively strive for the national economic development zone.

5. Increase the intensity of central city service industry opening to the outside world. We will actively introduce foreign high-end services, develop science and technology, information, finance and other producer servicesimprove business services, real estate, community service, such as consumer services and we will focus on developing creative industry, convention and exhibition services, car service, headquarter economy emerging service industries, etc. to build engines, outstanding characteristics, structural optimization, distinct, rational layout, overall coordination of the service industry system, promote the development of urban agglomeration economy.

6. To strengthen the construction of areas under special customs supervision. We will form a complete set of relevant supporting policies; encourage leading export-oriented enterprise construction of bonded warehouse. By means of marketization, the introduction of international strategic investors, to speed up the construction of bonded logistics center (park). We will actively to set up a comprehensive free trade zone, give full play to the “international transfer, international procurement, international distribution, international transit trade and bonded processing, bonded logistics” and loose trade control functions such as policy advantage; effectively promote the international logistics, bonded warehousing, commodity sales, import and export processing, such as business development, drive the transformation and upgrading of processing trade, and promote rapid development of the open economy.

7. Promote the development of Counties economy. Counties (city, country) should give full play to their respective advantages, focusing on the introduction of a group with strong international competitiveness and radiation at leading project, speeding up the development, advantageous industry, promoting the industrialization level and realizing the industrial cluster development. We will introduce international advanced agriculture technology, high levels of facilities agriculture, promote high quality agricultural products export. By developing an open economy, and promote the informationization and industrialization depth fusion, benign interaction between industrialization and urbanization, urbanization and agricultural modernization coordination, nurture more strong county (city, area) the strong town.

Third is to make full use of global resources and markets.

8. Improve the quality of investment promotion and capital introduction. The combination of exchanging and the structure of foreign investment use was improved, and pay more attention to the selection, pay more attention to extend and build the industrial chain, promote the development of industrial clusters. By car and spare parts, power transmission and transformation equipment, inorganic non-metallic materials, equipment manufacturing four pillar industries, and new materials, new energy and energy conservation, environmental protection, electronic information, biological medicine and biological breeding four strategic emerging industry as the focus, a high starting point, high level design and characteristic industry park section, global implementation of the carrier for merchants. To guide our orientation in foreign high and new technology industries, strictly limited energy-consuming, high pollution and low level, excess capacity. Make full use of equit, foreign government loans, enlarge the total investment; enhance the level of foreign capital. Ways to improve investment promotion and capital introduction, and strive to introduce more of the world top 500 enterprises.

9. Optimize the structure of foreign trade. We will accelerate transformation of the mode of foreign trade development, promote transformation and upgrading of processing trade and optimize the import and export product structure and market structure. Besides, we will also create a batch of demonstration base of national foreign trade transformation and upgrading and rejuvenating trade through science and technology innovation base. We will actively expand import trade; promote the coordinated development, import and export form in and out of the combination, with into out of the benign interactive mechanism.

10. To speed up the pace of “going out”. Strengthening the foreign economic and technological cooperation and the layout of the industry guidance, will encourage qualified enterprises to set up factories overseas investment, set up research and development institutions, to set up the marketing network, make use of the international intellectual resources to enhance the independent innovation ability. We should support competitive enterprises to enter the international capital market, realize diversified ownership. Play to zhuhai advantages in the field of power equipment, machinery and equipment, expand the international engineering contracting, in order to increase the export of components.

Forth is to expand opening to the outside areas and space.

11. To speed up the pace of modern commercial logistics. We need to attract foreign capital investment, promote the development of modern commercial and trade circulation industry cluster and integrate capital, information and other resources. Vigorously develop e-commerce, business wisdom, keeping in good health, pension and other modern service industry, strive to national and international large commodity trading activities, achieve business to gear upgrades, strengthen the pull function on the economic development.

12. To promote cultural tourism industry opening to the outside. We will support theatrical troupes, press, cultural enterprises overseas commercial performances and cultural trade, attract foreign literary group to show. Besides, we will increase the intensity of overseas tourist market marketing, attract more foreign tourists to Thailand tourism, and expand the city brand influence. Actively introduce the world famous tourism enterprises, integration of the city's tourism resources, development of new tourism format, form a batch of have the international influence of tourism products, to build international tourist destination.

13. Enhance the level of financial internationalization. Actively promote the financial industry opening to the outside world, to speed up the pace of cross-border renminbi settlement, intensify their efforts to introduce foreign capital financial institutions and encourage the city’s financial institutions and foreign financial institutions to carry out strategic cooperation, the introduction of foreign advanced operating mechanism and management model, efforts to create favorable conditions for the internationalization of the financial industry development. Support conditional enterprises to get listed overseas, the use of international capital markets.

14. Expanding the social career field opening to the outside world. Encourage colleges and universities in Tai’an for Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running schools; expand vocational education international exchange, the construction of regional vocational education training center. Expanding sports exchanges and trying hard to win provincial, national and international sporting events. Encourage the participation of foreign investors in the public service facilities in Shanghai.

 15. Encourage multinational companies and foreign scientific research institutions to set up research center in our city. Encourage the city’s scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises with foreign research institutions to carry out strategic cooperation, the construction of the international science and technology cooperation base. Formulate preferential policies to increase the intensity of exchanging, attract both academicians, changjiang scholars, both at home and abroad, such as national one thousand plan high-level innovative entrepreneurial talent to Tai’an. Encourage students to start a business. Accelerate the construction of training internationalized talents, familiar with international rules, opening to the outside of the talent team with high quality. For foreign companies to introduce high-end talent, in aspects such as housing, income, spouse’s employment support measures.

16. Play the role of industry associations and intermediary service agencies. Adhere to the “government-led, society participation,” the operation of the market, We should strength the construction of all kinds of industry associations, chambers of commerce, expand contact at home and abroad well-known chamber of commerce, association of communication, integrate global Overseas Chinese Business people resources, foster expand the open economy development group. Further liberalization of intermediary service market, and support all kinds of capital into the laws, regulations and rules of all intermediary service industries and fields. Actively introduce foreign famous intermediary service organizations, to carry out the engineering consulting, accounting, taxation, legal services, human resources, etc.

17. To strengthen and expand international exchanges and cooperation. Give full play to the overseas Chinese community, Overseas Chinese Business people, foreign institutions and the scientific integration of foreign resources. Strengthening the construction of friendly cities, economic cooperation, consolidate and expanding  international exchanges and cooperation,  we should actively construct “big foreign affairs”, “opening” pattern and establish the new image of Tai’an open throughout the world.

Fifth is to optimize the environment of opening to the outside world in an all-round way.

 18. Enhance the level of administrative services. We need to deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, strengthen the construction of administrative service center and continue to reduce the decentralization, the examination and approval matters and improves the efficiency of examination and approval. To further improve the administrative law enforcement model, standard inspection behavior, clear administrative fees, and create a good environment for the government affairs service. To strengthen the construction of the foreign investment service center, the service of foreign capital enterprise development, and gradually build policies support, service assurance, propaganda guidance, training, evaluation incentive, environmental optimization service system.

19. Establish a diversified opening public service platform. Administrative service centers will be set in enterprise service zone, which will form a foreign service platform for examination and approval items. They are responsible for the foreign capital enterprise project, registration, import and export of concentrated came, concentrated work of examination and approval. To improve financial services, multi-channel opening argues docking of the financing channels, to solve enterprise financing difficult problem. Electronic port established customs clearance service platform, high standard construction, improve customs clearance efficiency, reduce logistics cost, promote foreign trade facilitation. Establish foreign trade and economic cooperation of international information service platform; open the open economy service, multi-level information service for enterprise development.

20. To create livable environment. In accordance with the planning requirements, optimize the environment of life, foreign investment, development and construction in accordance with the foreign life custom residential area, strengthening the construction of foreign education, public health system, creating convenience for foreign residential, hospital, children school conditions. Improve hotels, shops, stations, taxi and other practitioners of service level, improve service attitude, create service environment at home. Accelerate the construction of ecological city, which will create business-friendly habitable conditions that satisfy the foreign investors in Tai’an.

Sixth is to perfect the work mechanism of opening to the outside world.

21. To enhance the level of opening to the outside world as the “head” project, to set up Tai’an City opening to the outside leading group. Establish key foreign-related project coordination to promote joint conference system, timely solve the difficulties and problems in the process of project construction. Extensive propaganda, opening to the outside world in the whole society to form the opening consciousness, consciously open concept that establish a good international image of Tai’an.

22. Strengthen the open economy development policy. Offered incentives to support the development of the open economy support policy, the introduction of foreign investment projects, business transformation and upgrading of domestic and overseas exhibition, foreign contracted projects, development zone such as reward or subsidies, incentives increase year by year, cash incentives in place. At all levels to meet the new situation of the open economy development, adjust current incentives, the introduction of foreign investment and expand exports, as the key to promote the city quality so is an open economy. Formulate supporting policies, and actively provide information cooperation and investment policy advisory services, encourage guide private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprise joint venture cooperation with the foreign travelling trader.

23. To strengthen the operation. Intensify urged scheduling, regularly scheduled work progress, timely report work progress, opening to the outside world coordinate of each link. Be perfect the management systems for opening performance appraisals. People and units who made contribution will be praised, who was not on duty will be punished or determined to investigate and malfeasance.

Counties (city, district) can formulate and implement measures combining to the realities.



June27th, 2013



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