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Tourism Bureau


Taishan District Tourism Bureau

Address: Room 313, Building 1, Technological and Cultural Creation Industry Park,Mingtang Road, Taishan District

Information: 0538-8289107

Complaints: 0538-6261867

Website: www.utaishan.net

E-mail: taqlyj888@163.com


Daiyue District Tourism Bureau

Address: Room 604, Suite B, Daiyue District Administration Building, West Section of Taishan Avenue

Information: 0538-8568100

Complaints: 0538-8568623/8568100

Website: www.dylyxxw.com

E-mail: dyly015@163.com


Xintai Tourism Bureau

Address: 28 Fuqian Street,Xintai

Information: 0538-7549529

Complaints: 0538-7549529

Website: www.sdlhs.cn

E-mail: xtslyj@163.com


Feicheng Tourism Bureau

Address: Room 2109, City Government Building,No.32 Longshan Road, Feicheng

Information: 0538-3218068

Complaints: 0538-3218068

Website: www.fcly.com.cn

E-mail: sdfcly@126.com


Ningyang Tourism Bureau

Address: No.99 Fuqian Street, Ningyang

Information: 0538-6345567


E-mail: nyxlyj@163.com

Website: N/A


Dongping Tourism Bureau

Address: Dongping Cultural Industry Park

Information: 0538-2850885

Complaints: 0538-2850885

E-mail: dp2850885@126.com

Website: under construction