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Natural Resources


Land Resources

 The terrain of Tai’an runs high in the east and low in the west with complex landforms. The total land area of Tai’an is 776.14148 thousand hectare, among which the farmland covers 587796.72 hectares (including 364721.23 hectares of arable land and 316233.96 hectares of basic farmland , 40559.69 hectares of garden land , 111280.47 hectares of the forest land), the construction land covers 125649.68 hectares and the unused land covers 62695.08 hectares. The per capita cultivated land is 0.065 in the city that means a large population with relatively little land,which is lower than the average level of Shandong Province. The reservation of the cultivated land in is less with poor quality. And the plain is given priority to residential land, industrial and mining land and farmland. The hill is given priority to dry farm and garden plot and the mountain area is given priority to forest land. There are a lot of unutilized lands in the mountain area that are difficult to be used.

The mountain areas are located in the north and east of the city and cover an area of 140700 hectare that is 18.3% percent of the total land area of the city. The mountain areas rise from 400 meters to 800 meters.As the head of the five sacred mountains, Mount Tai is located at the north of Tai’an city and stretches over Daiyue District, Taishan District and Feicheng and arrives in Laiwu in the east. It covers an area of 426 square kilometers. Jade Emperor Peak, which is the main peak of Mount Tai rises 1532 meters and is the highest peak in Shandong Province. The relative altitude of Mount Tai is 1378 meters. So it looks high and magnificent for people. Zulai Mountain which lies in the joint part between Daiyue District and Xintai City. Its main peak---Taiping Peak rises 1028 meters. Lotus Mountain in the east of the city is located in Xintai City and stretches to Laiwu City in the north. The mountains in the south of Xintai City and east of Ningyang County are the branches of Mount Meng. The mountain areas are suitable for forest and stock raising with naked rock and thin soils.

The hills are scattered in the south-west of Xintai City, the east of Ningyang County, the west-north of Daiyue District, the edge of Feicheng basin and the north of Dongping County with the area of 316400 hectare and cover 41.1% of all the land areas of Tai’an. These hills rise from 120 meters to 400 meters above the sea level There have been some fruit trees, oil plants and stock farms on the hills with good development potential.

  The plains are mainly located along the mountain foot or the rivers with an area of 277600 hectare which covers 36.1% percent of all the land areas of Tai’an.  As one of the most famous four plains of Shandong Province, Tailaifeining Plain is mostly located in Tai’an and is one of the important commercial grain production bases. These plains are smooth with deep and fertile soil. There are enough waters around these plains for developed planting industry and stock farming with great deep development potential.


  The low-lying lands are mainly located in the “three lakes”(Dongping Lake, Daotun Lake, Zhoucheng Lake) area with the area of 343000 and cover 4.5% of the land area of the city. These lands are around 38 meters to 60 meters high above the sea level.

  The lakes are mainly located in Dongping County. Dongping Lake is the biggest lake in Tai’an and second largest in Shandong Province. It is also the only remaining lake that once was called “Mount Liang and Waters”. There are class-one lakes and class-two lakes in Dongping Lake. The class-one lakes cover an area of 14000 hectare which has the low-water mark of Tai’an which is 36 meters below the lake. Including Daotun Lake and Zhoucheng Lake, these area cover 155000 hectare. Dongping lake has great development potential for aquaculture industry and tourism with good water, rich baits and beautiful scenery.

Mineral Resources

Tai’an is rich in mineral resources with huge reserves, high quality and wide distribution.There are 50 kinds of proven mineral reserves of underground metal, non-metal and precious metal such as coal, iron, copper,cobalt, golden, alumina,quartz stone,ophiolite stone, gypsum,rock salt,sylvite, sulfur,potassium feldspar,asbestos, cement limestone,granite,marble, pottery clay and refractory clay. They cover 38% of the provincial mineral reserves. And only Tai’an has sulfur reserves in Shandong Province.

There are about 0.54 billion tons of proven iron mines reserves scattered in the Heshui Town of Dongping County, Jueyu of Daiyue District. These deposits are in shallow and appropriate for mining.

There are about 2.06 billion tons of proven coal mines reserves scatterd in Xintai City, Feicheng City and Ningyang County with high-level development and utilization in Shandong Province.

There are about 0.3 billion tons of proven sulfur in Mijia Village of Daiyue District with the active ingredient concentration around 9.91%. 

The gypsums are mainly located in Dawenkou Town of Daiyue District with the reserves of 38 billion tons and the area of aobut one hundred square kilometers.The deposit of gypums are rarely huge at home and abroad mainly with alabaster, crystallization gypsum and fibrous gypsum, which have high quality and good values.

    The rock salts are located in the north-west of Dawenkou, Diayue District with the area of 36.44 square kilomters and reserves of 7.4 billion tons. It is one of the biggest rock salt mines of China with the average salt content of 86.7% ( 98.44% for the highest content ) and the thickness of the ore deposit above 1 thousand meters of 40 meters.

  The granites are mainly located in the north and south of Mount Tai with the reserves of about 5 billion cubic meter. There are about 12 kinds of granites of Mount Tai such as the blue granite, red granite, green granite,wave granite and so on.

  The proven ore reserves of Mount Tai are about 50.67 tons with the jade of about 20.71 tons. 

 Biological Resources

   There are many kinds of biological resources in Tai’an with 1212 kinds of higher plants that belong to 239 families and 385 kinds of animals that belong to 4 categories and 136 kinds of planktons that belong to 35 categories.

   There are also some rare and endangered animals and old trees and famous trees and flowers. The farm crops belong to 32 families with 91species. There are 240 commercial species including 3 categories of grains, commercial crops and vegetables.

   There are 471 species of trees belong to 71 families. There are more than 30 species of economic trees such as apple trees, pear trees, peach trees, Chinese chestnuts trees and walnut trees .

   There are 40 species of trees with ornamental value such as cedar,China Savin,gingko. And there are 11 species of valuable trees and 16 species of 884 old trees such as cypress of Han Dynasty, locust tree of Tang Dynasty and some pines.

   There are 4 categories of native pasture with an area of 63300 hectare that is barren hill grass pasture, pasture with less forest on hills, medow pasture on plain and desserts and pasture around lakes and moors. And there are also other kinds of attached pastures with an area of 155900 hectare.

    There are 488 species of Chinese medicines belong to 110 families, such as Lucid Ganoderma of Mount Tai, Fallopia Multiflora, Lithospermum, Four-leaf Ginseng, Polygonatum. And the Fallopia Multiflora, Lithospermum, Four-leaf Ginseng, Polygonatum are called the four most famous medicines of Mount Tai.

    There are more than 50 species of livestock and poultry. The Luxi cattle in Dongping County and Ningyang County has big body with much fat and strong fertility. It is one of the four famous cattles of China and popular for export. The Small Tail Han Sheep in Dongping County is rare in the world. So Dongping County is named as a provincial breed conservation base of the small tail han sheep.Besides, the big black goat of Xintai City and the sheldrake of Dongping Lake are also the local good species.

 The Aquatic Organism

There are more than 290 species of aquatic organism in Tai’an.

①There are 40 kinds of aquatic plants with 2 phylums, 18 families and 30 genuses.

They are mainly scattered in the three lakes of Dongping County with high economic values such as lotus root, water chestnut and reed.

 There are benthonic animals of 38 families mainly in the Dongping Lake and Daotun Lake such as mitten crab, soft-shelled turtle, shrimps and mussels.

There are 66 species of fish with 7 phylums, 19 families and 47 genuses such as crucian, cyprinoid, chub and grass carp. The best cyprinoid is in Dongping Lake and belongs to the Yellow River cyprinoid species. The Red Scale Fish which live in the mountain streams is the rare species only in Tai’an and is listed as the endangered species of the provincial level which now is successfully artificially reproducted. The mandarin fish in Wen River is the famous local species with delicious flesh.   

    For the wild animals, there are 37 species of beasts with 5 phylums,12 families, 6 species of amphibians with 1 phylums, 3 famillies, 12 species of reptiles with 2 phylums, 6 families, more than 190 species of birds with 17 phylums, 38 families and 48 species of resident birds and 56 species of summer resident birds.

    There are first class protected rare animals named black stork and second class protected animals named Otus Scops and Golden Eagle in Tai’an.

   The main natural enemies of the crops are wasps, shieldbug and ladybirds.

 Water Resources

 The water resources of Tai’an covers an area of 300 square kilometers that is 3.9% of the total area of Tai’an. There are 671 reservoirs with the capacity of 4.909 billion cubic meters. There are 118 thousand hectare of aquatic agriculture area (not including the propagation area of Dongping Lake).

    Dongping Lake is the largest fresh water lake of Tai’an and the second largest fresh water lake of Shandong Province and the only reserved water area that once was called “Mount Liang and Waters”. The lake covers an area of 56 thousand hectare with first-class lake and second-class lake. The total annual natural water resources in the city is 16.97 among which the surface water is 13.3 cubic meter.

 The annual available water resources is 13.4 and the available surface water is 520 million cubic meter and the allowable exploitation under-ground water is 850 million cubic meter.


 The annual development and utilization water is 1310 million cubic meter and the surface water is 433 million cubic meter and the under-ground water is 665 million cubic meter. Compared to the provincial level, the water resources of Tai’an is good .The per capita water resources is 311 cubic meter and the per Chinese mu water resources is 329 cubic meter, that both are balanced with the provincial level.