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City Flower and City Tree


The city flower of Tai’an is crape myrtle, which is also name itching tree or red in one hundred. It belongs to lagerstroemia and is deciduous shrub or dungarunga. There is a crape myrtle tree in the garden of Arhat Cliff with trunk crooked like a Chinese dragon. Each year from the spring to summer, it has brilliant flowers vibrating in the breeze. In recent years, Tai’an Municipal People’s Government planted a lot of lagerstroemias in the main streets,gardens and scenic spots and named it as the city flower.
     The city tree of Tai’an is Chinese Scholar-tree.It belongs to  leguminosae and is deciduous tree. It is well-adapted with long life and beautiful trunk and has high ornamental value. There are 42 Chinese Scholar-trees with age of over 100 years on Mount Tai. The Tang Dynasty Chinese Scholar-tree in Dai Temple, the Sleeping Dragon Chinese Scholar-tree in Doumu Palace and the Four  Chinese Scholar-trees on the climbing way to Mount Tai are famous for their history.