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The History of the Administration Changes of Tai’an


  Tai’an is one of cradles of Chinese Civilization. The existence and development of human beings here dates back to more than 500,000 years ago.The brilliant Dawenkou Culture geminated in this area 5,000 years ago. In Xia and Shang Period, Tai’an was divided into two parts which were respectively governed by Qingzhou and Xuzhou. And in Zhou Period, these two parts were governed by Qi Nation and Lu Naition. In Qin Dynasty, Tai’an was under the jurisdiction of Qi County. In 200 B.C.(the beginning of West Han Dynasty) Tai’an became a county under the jurisdiction of Yanzhou State.v
 The County area was firstly located in Bo County (which now is the Jiuxian Village). In 69 B.C. the county area was moved to Fenggao (which now is the Guxian Village). In North Wei Dynasty it was moved to Juping (which now is the Dawenkou Town). In North Qi Dynasty it was named as Dongping County and located in Bo County. It was not a independent administrative district from Sui Dynasty to Song Dynasty. At the beginning of Jin Dynasty, it was named as Tai’an County and became Tai’an State in 1182 located in Daiyue Town under the jurisdiction of Western Shandong Region. In Yuan Dynasty, it was still a state under the jurisdiction of Dongping Region at the beginning, then directly governed by the Central Secretariat. In Ming Dynasty, it was governed by Jinan State. In 1724, it became Tai’an State governed by Shandong Region.
  In 1912, the State was abolished and the administrative division became Province, City and County. The counties governed by the original Tai’an State were distributed in Jinan City, Jining City and Donglin City. In 1927, the City was abolished. After 1937, the Shandong Provincial Government of the Nationalist Party classified Tai’an as the 12th Region and the government office of the Administrative Supervision Commissioner was located in Licheng and then moved to Lingzha, Tai’an County (now is the Xintai City). In 1947, it became the 15th Administrative Supervision Commission and the government office was located in Tai’an City.

   Tai’an Administrative Office established in March 1940 in the Laiwu County under the lead of the CPPCC and governed by Luzhong Administrative Region. In January 1943 the Taixi Administrative Office and Yuandong Administrative Office in Tai’an were united as the 16th Administrative Office governed by Jiyiluyu Administrative Region and in 1946 they were divided into two parts again. In September 1948, Taishan Administrative Office and Taixi Administrative Office was became the jurisdiction of Middle and Souther Lu Administrative Region and they were united as the Tai’an Administrative Office in May 1950. In November 1958 the Tai’an Administrative Office was abolished and was re-established in May 1961. In March 1967 the Revolutionary Commission of Tai’an Region was established and was changed into Tai’an Administrative Region in July 1972. In May 1985 the Region was abolished and the original county-level administrative division became the Tai’an Municipal People’s Government.