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The measures for the implementation of the approval of foreign investment projects


       Economic Cooperation Bureau of Tai'an City

Article 1 In order to further standardize the approval of investment projects and to improve work efficiency and service quality, these measures are formulated.

Article 2 The agency approval of work here as mentioned in these Measures refers to Taian Economic Cooperation Bureau appoint special personnel to offer  the full agency services free of charge for foreign investment on the issues of Commission or to assist in the administration of the investment project examination and approval declaration and related work.

Article 3:The project agency approval adheres to the principle of Merchants voluntary Commission and free service offered by Taian Economic Cooperation Bureau. Taian Economic Cooperation Bureau is mainly responsible for the approval work, the entrusting party should actively cooperate with the bureau.

Article 4: whatever the foreign investment projects, being settled in the Administrative Region of Tai’an city proper, high-tech zone, Tourism Development Zone and in line with the national industrial policy, can apply for project agency approval:

1.The fixed assets investment of the production and management project more than 50 million Yuan;

2. Investment of fixed assets of the culture, information, research and development and other service projects is more than 30 million Yuan;

3.The high-tech projects Included in the “China high-tech products catalog”;

4.The new projects listed in our city’s key projects; which is in accordance with the regulations of Tai’an Municipal People's government on the implementation of preferential policies for key construction projectsof Taian Government Office issue [2008]40;

5. Other projects assigned by the leaders.

Article 5: The main responsibilities of the agent:

1. The work plan of the formulation and implementation of the project approval and company registration, appoint the responsible person to handle with the whole procedures for project approval;

2.being  Responsible for coordinating the contradictions and problems encountered in the process of investment project management, and to coordinate the approval center and other departments for joint examination and approval matters;

3. Coordinate the implementation of projects related to the preferential policies

Article 6:main responsibilities of the entrusting party:

1. Responsible for providing the required basic technical data;

2. According to the relevant laws and regulations, pay the required fees for examination and approval;

3. According to requirement, appoint work staff to assist the examination and approval formalities.

Article 7  Agency approval procedure:

1. Customers fill out the “agency approval service commission”, and provide required information for approval;

2.Taian  Economic Cooperation Bureau works out the implementation scheme and  reported to leaders and customers

for the decision;

3. To organize the implementation of approval.

Article 8  carry out the notification system for project approval, Taian Economic Cooperation Bureau regularly inform the customers of project management, and explain to the customers in time for failure work which should be implemented in plan.

Article 9  In or after the process of agency approval, Taian Economic Cooperation Bureau assigned the procedures by shift batch or disposable junction according to the requirements of customers, and fill out the agency approval procedures shift form.

Article 10  Taian Economic Cooperation Bureau is responsible for the explaination.


                                 March 10,2010