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Notice on the issuance of “ customers business-card”for investors outside Taian


In order to optimize the economic development environment of our city, and to form a good atmosphere for business development in the whole society, and really safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors to promote business introduction and opening up, Taian made the decision basedon research  to issue “customers business -card for foreign enterprises ” (hereinafter referred to as “customers business-card”). The relevant issues are hereby notified as follows:

1.The wholly owned , joint venture or cooperation of the foreign investment enterprises, of which, scale of investment of fixed assets is above 5 million yuan and annual tax 500000 yuan, arrange the employment more than 100 persons or 50 new jobs for our city, as long as meet one of the conditions, we can issue “customers business- card” for the legal representative and the main administrater.

2. To the foreign customers who hold a “customers business- card”, the relevant departments shall not to check, fine and buckle his car; Police shall not check their accommodation and recreational activities at random without approval by the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

3. The  foreign customers, who hold a “customers business- card”, will have the priority of arrangement or treatment when they go to the hospital and needn’t registration; The health departments should arrange a physical examination for the foreign every year, and charged by half fees. The specific implementation measures shall be formulated by the municipal health bureau.

4. The foreign customers, who hold a “customers business- card”, and the proof of residence permit (or temporary residence permit), they can freely choose a school for their children going to a nursery school or above, as long as the eligible age, the charging standard is same with local students. The specific implementation measures shall be formulated by the Municipal Education bureau.

5. when the normal business activities is Hindered, disturbed or personal safety is infringed, the customers can call “110” to give an alarm, the public security organs should arrive at the spot after the alarm in 10 minutes to dealt with issues within the city or in half an hour downtown.

 “customers business-card” is issued by the leading group office for environment optimization and development; The application, review and issue methods for “customers business-card” shall be separately formulated.